Chili Palmers

President & Chief Executive Officer
Chili Palmers Ltd. / Agung S.A.

Kemp House, 160 City Road
EC1V 2NX London
Vereinigtes Königreich

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Executive Chairman in Leading Executive Networks
Structured - Emphatic - Empathic

Senior Partner 1291 Ltd.

1291 Ltd. is specialized into brand management, concepts and realization of special events
Leading Business Circles

Successful organizer of VIP Events and Charity Events up to 45'000 spectators.

1291 Ltd
Holding Company, participation in various enterprises

European Union Sustainable Future Festival Ltd
The purpose of EU SFF is to sensitize, promote and enforce sustainability in generally for all industrial and finance sectors in a comprehensive sense, as well as to protect the natural foundations of life of humans, animals and plants and the preservation of our environment


He holds a College of Professional Education and Training Degree in Management and Human Resources from the Academy of Administrators CRPM/CRQP/ACAD,
He occupied the position as Instructor of Executives in Finance and Industries Sectors among others at Wolfsberg (Wolfsberg Group consists of the following leading international financial institutions: Banco Santander, Bank of America,. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Société Générale, Standard Chartered and UBS) and at Institut für Forschungsinformationen (Institute for Information Research).
Formerly Consultant for Projects of US Secretary of State (USAID), UNDP, UNESCO and United Nations Organization.


Chili Palmers, EU SFF Initiator and Co-Founder, emphatic, with a multi-cultural understanding, many years of managerial and leadership experience for multinationals, finance companies, governments and humanitarian organizations.

As former Banking Chief of Staff, he signed responsible for Group Corporate Services, Group Finance, Group Legal, Group Risk Control, Group Communications & Branding, Group Regulatory & Governance, Group Human Resources, Group Operations, Group Sourcing and Group Technology, and occupied also the position as Tutor of Executives in Finance and Industrial Sectors, among others,

Chili Palmers has proven track records and broad experiences in developing and implementing complex strategies, in leadership of multicultural operations and complex financing projects, companies restructuring and crisis management in more than 17 countries outside Europe, as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Senegal, Lebanon, Syria, U.A.E., Mexico, Peru and USA.
Executive Vice-Chairman and Consultant for Projects of United States of America Secretary of State (USAID), United Nations Development Program UNDP, UNESCO and United Nations Organization, and others.

As Producer of Humanitarian Events he successfully realized in 2010 Africa’s biggest HIV/AIDS Prevention Concert with over 50’000 spectators, as well as the EuroFashion Shows at the EURO 2012 Football Championship with over 16’000 Fashionistas among many other events, including benefice events for Anti Malaria, Breast Cancer Campaigns, Tsunami Relief, Earthquake Relief and many others.
For his humanitarian engagements over decades since 1979, Chili Palmers is bestowed with the United Nations Organization UNV Award.

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Family & Friends, former Bobsleigh National Team Member, Athletics, Swimming



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