Daniel Höpfner

PressMatrix GmbH

Friedenstrasse 91a
10249 Berlin

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PressMatrix is a technology start-up out of Berlin (Germany) with a simple mission: Helping publishers to deliver their magazines to tablets and mobile devices.

Working with PressMatrix, any publisher can automatically convert his existing print content into an interactive tablet magazin, enriched with multimedia content like videos, music and graphics. Within minutes an application for iPad and Android is generated and PressMatrix takes care of everything‚ hence the publisher can focus on what they are best in creating stories to update the world on the latest and greatest news.

PressMatrix develops and operates a smart publishing and distribution platform for books, journals, magazines and catalogs to market digital issues on iPad, Android, WebOS (coming Q3) and other tablets. Pressmatrix offers a white labeled service and works directly with the Publishers, allowing them to offer the digitalized content within a dedicated, branded application.


Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Daniel Hoepfner has extensive expertise in the mobile industry, with work experience that includes mobile open source startup Funambol in San Francisco and OC&C Strategy Consultants in Abu Dhabi. He has been a senior executive at VC backed companies such as Funambol (California) and public-listed Synchronica (UK) supporting service provider and carrier to developing and providing innovative service for consumer. Daniel is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and supported several high tech companies. His passion is driving innovations with a strong analytic, strategic and customer-centered focus, that leads to develop and execute great ideas for the company’s success. Daniel currently serves as CEO at PressMatrix, a digital publishing startup based in Berlin and runs a successful consulting firm delivering venture and bizdev services to various high profile startups. He ist mentor at Founders Institute, at TCC-Berlin and regular speaker on various aspects of entrepreneurship. Daniel has studied economics, holds several patents for SaaS computing and lives with his family in Berlin.



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